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Montreal International Airport also known as Montreal-Trudeau Int’l Airport is considered as Canada’s third busiest airport. It is located not in Montreal City but in Quebec. This distance from the city of Montreal is only a drive for twenty minutes by a public or private transportation.

First and foremost, let us talk about what Montreal Airport has to offer to its passengers. There are a number of advantages of booking flights from the airport. As for the destination, there are more or less 130 choices served by the airport making it truly an international airport. Different airlines make use of the airport including Delta, British Airways, Continental, Air France and United. The local airlines include Air Canada and Porter which are both highly regarded carriers in the Canadian region. The airport has three different terminal buildings and each of them serves a distinct group of passengers such as US- bound, domestic and other global destinations.

As a treat for travelers, the airport holds more than 90 retail shops, boutiques and restaurants. A variety of public ground transportations serve the airport and this includes trains, buses, taxis and limousines. There are also shuttles that will drive you to neighboring tourist and commercial hubs such as Ottawa- Gatineau, Mont- Tremblant, Quebec City, Ste- Foy and Trois- Rivieres. If you want to drive for your trip, you can avail of a rental car. There are a number of options you can consider in renting a car in Montreal. The companies include Avis, Enterprise, Alamo, Hertz and Budget. Are there hotels located near the airport? The answer is yes. These include Novotel, Wyndham, Comfort Inn, Best Western, Marriott and Hampton Inn. These hotels are only 20-minute travel away from the city and more choices are available aside from the aforementioned ones.

Before finalizing your booking from the Montreal Airport, there are some facts you need to know about. In spite of this airport’s being the biggest in the region, there are other choices you may consider if you book outgoing flights. The code of this airport is YUL. The fact that it is one of the busiest airports in Canada may offer you some drawbacks. You have to expect that you are much likely to fall in long lines to wait for security, check-in or customs. Like almost all other airports, the baggage claim area can be expectedly busy most of the time.

From booking upto waiting for your flight, you need to be patient and be able to plan ahead of schedule and give yourself ample time to get to the gate. Before anything else, you have to realize that you will go a long way to relieve yourself of stress and hassle whether it is a connecting flight or a direct one. You also ought to be open to the fact that an airport, whether it is a smaller or larger one, has its own inconveniences and experienced passengers/travelers know about this.

To constantly improve their facilities and services, Montreal Airport make continuous upgrades. In addition, this airport is also popular for its cleanliness throughout the area. Montreal International Airport will surely take you to many places. Whatever purpose your travel serves, be it a business- related appointment or a mere vacation, the flights from the airport can serve as your gateway. If you want to save on air flights, you can avail of some great deals that the airlines of this airport may offer to passengers. Now that you have learned much about this international airport, you might have gotten ready to book your flight and fly to the places you desire: domestic or international.

Montreal Airport Hotels

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